Letters to the Editor

Needless bloodbath with weak gun laws

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How would gun laws change if those who represent us lost one of their family members to a mass shooting and had to stare into a casket at their own child or spouse?

The American people are being mass-murdered and lawmakers who oppose “gun-sense” laws may as well be handing out AR15’s and spinning a wheel with an arrow pointing to which city will host the next needless bloodbath.

Don’t say I’m trying to take away your Second Amendment rights. We are dying on American soil and our leaders are not protecting us. I want them to smell the blood of the victims. I want them to know those with their limbs blown off are family members just like their own, just like you and me. How can anyone who is supposed to represent the American people vote against laws that will keep us safer and let us be gunned down like soldiers in combat? God bless those leaders who do fight for us. And for those who don’t, God bless America.

Mandy Rothgerber