Letters to the Editor

Where’s our tax relief?

Sacramento Bee

Well, my fellow middle-class brothers and sisters, we’re still on the hook to support this nation. I’ve written before that it’s unfair for the government to take practically half of our paychecks, supporting entire families on the backs of single middle-class people like myself. If single middle-class people wanted to support a family we would have married and had kids.

The Republican Party flat-out lied to America’s middle class. The Republicans always stress the word “families.” Don’t they know that there are more single households than any other? What about a tax break for them? Don’t we deserve some relief too? I won’t see any change in my tax bracket, and millions more are in the same situation.

Rich people get a huge break. Corporations and businesses get huge breaks. Low-income people will pay very little, if any, taxes. The government has been pimping me all of my working life. They have used my hard work to support this entire country. Now that Congress has finally reached an agreement, it’s for the single, middle-class people to continue being sacrificial lambs and to use our money to pay for all of these breaks.

Yolanda Averette