Letters to the Editor

Columnist misses point

Teri Carter
Teri Carter

Subscribing to the incredible shrinking Herald-Leader risks running out of cereal before copy, but a too-long Teri Carter column guarantees two empty vessels.

After subjecting the reader to bad sentence structure, a dangling pronoun and poor word choices, Carter relates the story of her husband meeting a prospective business partner in Louisiana. The man showed Mr. Carter a pistol used to hunt “coyotes and other wildlife.”

Intending to demonstrate that rednecks are not culturally viable business partners, Ms. Carter misses the obvious. The episode was a test. The man was trying to figure out if her husband is an idiot. If Mr. Carter had offered that only a jackass would hunt coyotes with a pistol, he would have sealed the deal.

To the writer, Kentucky is “dying,” and only outside companies can save it. But that won’t happen as long as Kentuckians cling to their Bibles, their guns and their opposition to abortion. Her words drip contempt for these “bitter clingers” — people who understand the wisdom of the First and Second Amendments and who believe in an unalienable right to life.

How opposing abortion promotes death, and why Democrat-run, clinger-free cities and states are economic basket cases, remains unexplained.

Cameron S. Schaeffer