Letters to the Editor

Steps for election reform

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I hope that the following events will emerge from the current political chaos in America:

Demise of the Electoral College. It served a purpose when the country was a frontier nation with much of its population with little or no communications with the capital. It outlived its purpose in the 19th century and violates the concept of one person, one vote.

Term limits for all elected government offices. The Founders did not expect elective office to be a lifetime job. They expected that after a few terms the officers would return home and work as ordinary citizens. The president and governors of many states are subject to term limits. If it is good for those offices why would it not be good for the others?

End of appointment-for-life for judges. Judges, especially the Supreme Court, should be elected and subject to term limits.

End the two-party system. There is no justification for taxpayers to support primary elections to choose the candidates for the parties. Selecting a candidate is the sole responsibility of the party.

A renewed interest by citizens to vote in elections.

Make America great again.

Robert L. Edwards