Letters to the Editor

Weary of the scornful letters

I am exhausted by letters filled with false, scornful and incendiary statements.

It’s time to stop being silly. All we have is entrenched ideological conflict. Let’s start communicating with civility and facts, not just propaganda. Let’s form our own opinions by seeking multiple, diverse sources of news showing the original speakers and documents instead of adopting somebody else’s interpretation.

Most importantly, let’s listen to each other. It takes work to be informed, but life is not black and white; issues are complex and require thoughtful reflection.

According to some, I qualify as a “libtard” because I believe in rule of law, inclusivity, fairness in taxation, equality for all, facts instead of opinion, and respect for all faiths and cultures. Others would be called “MAGAt.” Do either of us deserve disrespectful labels?

If you do not impose your values on me, I will not impose my values on you. Surely we can find a middle ground. Revered Kentuckian Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, was part of the “Immortal Trio” instrumental in formulating major legislative accomplishments. If our democracy is to thrive, compromise and civility are concepts that we must value again. Let’s declare: “Make America Civil Again.”

Cathy Nohe