Letters to the Editor

Taboos to add to the list

I hail Leah D. Schade for encouraging us to bring back social taboos. This is absolutely necessary, and please allow me to remind everyone of some taboos Schade forgot:

Killing unborn children in their mothers’ wombs.

Having sexual relations with anyone other than one’s spouse.

Remarrying after divorce.

Appearing unclothed in front of anyone other than one’s spouse.

Having a sexual relationship with anyone of the same sex.

Dressing as a member of the opposite sex.

Restoring the above would greatly improve our culture’s chances of survival. I must be older than Schade because I remember these taboos being jettisoned before the time of Trump.

As a Christian preacher, Schade must support eliminating the modern taboo against honoring our heavenly father, and his only son, Jesus Christ. May he forgive us for the abominations we have committed in breaking all of the necessary taboos listed above.

David Volk