Letters to the Editor

Trump didn’t wreck morals

I was eager to read the opinion of the Rev. Leah D. Schade about bringing back taboos, thinking finally someone was going to make a case for moral standards. I was greatly disappointed to find it was another Trump-bashing diatribe.

Yes, President Donald Trump acts like an egotistical swine of a man. But the age of necessary social taboos declined long before we’d heard his name. I believe our moral center began to erode about the time President Lyndon Johnson attempted to create his Great Society.

My father told my first-grade teacher that if I misbehaved, I was to be spanked. Guess what? I never misbehaved. Now a whole school can be held hostage by a first grader who refuses to get off of a bus. Authorities don’t dare touch him because he’s been taught that oft-repeated phrase, “My parents will sue you!” And the sad part is, they will.

There are so many instances where socials taboos that made us kind, respectful, good citizens are considered old fashioned and ridiculed today. When the majority of people accept that everything is OK, it’s great if it feels good, and there are no standards anymore, that’s when our society starts failing all of us.

Pat Nussbaum