Letters to the Editor

Yes to tax reform

The word “tax” has become a dirty word, akin to robbery or theft. Let’s shift the paradigm and view tax revenue in a positive light.

What does tax revenue provide? It furnishes education for children from preschool to college; it allows frail, low-income elderly to live in nursing homes; it pays the salaries of police officers and firefighters; it provides for maintenance of roads and state parks; it allows for economic development to improve quality of life for all Kentuckians, and on and on.

It is obvious to everyone: The commonwealth needs more revenue. There are avenues that we can take to add a little more to the state treasury, such as $1 or more tax on tobacco products and e-cigarettes. A boost to the economy and health of Kentuckians. It is time to demand that the largest and most profitable corporations pay their fair share in taxes. These companies benefit from investments made in infrastructure and workforce.

These ideas and more are contained in House Bill 29. It is time to establish a system adequate for our needs, flexible to accommodate a changing economy and fair to all.

Ask your representative to support HB 29 for all the good things our taxes do.

JoAnn R. Schwartz

Fort Thomas