Letters to the Editor

Run, Oprah, run!

Imagine a president who has exceptional communication skills and a successful television and movie career; is an outstanding businesswoman; and demonstrated a drive to make the world a better place via her philanthropic ventures. Just imagine the difference she could make.

Now juxtapose the above positive force for good that is Oprah Winfrey with President Donald Trump: the sexual predator; the angry, negative, narcissist who has filed multiple bankruptcies and refused to pay contractors and vendors; the man who traffics in conspiracy theories and routinely denies reality and lies constantly about just about everything.

It seems to me that Trump wakes up each day and thinks, “how can I make America hate immigrants again?”

Or, maybe Trump thinks, “what’s the worst I can do to citizens who are poor, or sick, or both, and cannot afford health insurance?”

Imagine that. Oh, and Oprah is, like, really smart and emotionally stable.

Elizabeth Wallen