Letters to the Editor

Babysitter needed in White House

Charlotte Observer

According to the “Fire and Fury” consensus from the White House, the current United States president is childlike. Where are Republican leaders responsible for safeguarding our nation?

Congressional Republicans look the other way — in equally childish behavior — and avoid their solemn duty to uphold the Constitution and deliver checks and balances to the executive.

The U.S. Congress also needs an adult daycare. Republicans gathered around President Donald Trump like toddlers and kiss-ups, clinging to their power and imaginary prestige, for a Camp David feel-good weekend.

A terribly sad and shameful time in our nation’s history. Rather than investigate Russian tampering with our election and Trump obstruction and collusion, Republicans increasingly protect Trump and sabotage the Russia and Trump investigations.

For good reason, respectable Republican strategist Steve Schmidt predicts that the historic 2018 Democratic win in November will not merely be a wave – it will be a tsunami.

Michael Gregoire