Letters to the Editor

No babying high schoolers for tardiness

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The writer of a recent letter, “Fix school penalties,” takes offense with the way the school reprimands students who are late to class three times. She thinks separating the offenders from their friends at lunchtime is akin to shunning, and it brings to her mind the “caste system in India.”

She thinks the school should call, text, email or write the parents after the first offense. Seriously?

To me, this is all about personal responsibility. These are high-school teenagers, not second graders. If the majority of students are able to get to their classes on time, then of course there should be consequences for those who have not taught themselves how to do so.

If there were more responsibility expected from these youngsters and consequences when they fall short, ultimately we would be helping them, not harming them.

The real question is how long we baby these children who we are trying to raise to responsible adults.

Barbara J. Smith