Letters to the Editor

Chaos heating up in Capitol

My family went to go see “The Post” Monday night. Its depiction is very similar to the climate now of the press being shut out and discredited.

Later, we streamed “All the Presidents’ Men” about Watergate. A familiar ring of what is in Washington now. Look up John Mitchell. He represented an alt-right philosophy: suppessing desegregation to try to increase white votes, suppressing Vietnam protests, justifying restrictions on civil liberties, etc.

It is uncomfortable living in the hate and fear being conjured; it’s not our natural state. People have said that Adolf Hitler becoming a leader could never happen in today’s world. There are too many checks and balances.

So thought the frog that died in the boiling water. Slowly the water gets hotter.

The Paul Ryans and the Mitch McConnells must say that enough is enough. It should have happened when Donald Trump rode down the escalator and then said the Mexicans were rapists. It has gone on too far too long.

The water is about to boil, and we won’t be able to jump out of the pot.

Jessica C. Bollinger