Letters to the Editor

Save Driver Ed

My son recently completed the Fayette County Attorney’s driver education course. What an incredible gift. My son has learned techniques and skills that I have never heard of in my 30 years of driving.

What County Attorney Larry Roberts and the donors who fund this program have done for these children is amazing. Roberts took on this project without any extra pay, on top of his full-time duties as attorney. He saw a need and found a way to meet it. This program has reached 1300 students and lives have been saved.

Sadly, the program’s future is uncertain. When Roberts retires, there is no answer to who will run the program.

Kentucky is among the national leaders in young people dying in car accidents. Yet driver education programs have been dropped from virtually every high school in the state.

What a shame it would be to shutter the doors on the donated building and let this program close. Every parent should call the Fayette County Board of Education and insist that this course be brought to all Fayette County teen drivers. Every voter should contact their representative and the governor, and let them know that this program needs to be funded.

We can do better, Kentucky.

Courtney E. Turay