Letters to the Editor

Trump a bigot and liar

Sen. Jeff Flake addressed the Senate chamber to denounce the “moral vandalism” perpetrated by President Donald Trump. This is a clarion call to Republicans: Take your party back from this saboteur. It is up to you who hold the balance of power in our country to reassert Republican and American values.

The longer you fail to confront Trump’s false pronouncements and right the Republican ship, the stronger will be the Democratic backlash. It is very possible the expected Democratic resurgence will be greater than any party’s resurgence in our history. It might be a generational resurgence, putting Republicans out of power for decades to come. In surrendering your principles to a pretender, a false prophet, Republicans are sacrificing long-term political influence and credibility.

Not only should Republicans reject firebrand extremists such as Roy Moore, Steve King, Jeff Sessions and Trump, but they should call out failed “mainstream” leaders — Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, etc. Their weak leadership allowed Trump to hijack the party, and their complicity is unacceptable.

Our president is a bigot and a liar, and we must all stand up in protest against him. Republicans should heed the example of Flake and denounce the reckless extremism of their leader. Or they can just leave it to the Democrats to do what is right in November.

Sean McElroy