Letters to the Editor

Our state of the union

It is not likely that the GOP will allow the censure of President Donald Trump. Having said this, it is past time for us, “the people,” to censure the GOP members of Congress for moral cowardice in not holding the president to any acceptable standard.

We should, by the millions, march on Washington, D.C., surround the White House and, during his State of the Union address, turn our backs. We should censure Trump.

We should tell the media directly that they should not cover his address and instead cover the protest and listen to the addresses of the people and their state of the union. This is the real news: Anything spewed from the mouth of Trump is only his vanity and lies, and deserves no airing.

In short, Trump should not be heard; he needs to know that his influence and power only come from the respect and will of the people. Without us, nothing he does is legitimate; nothing he attempts to do will be done.

We should give both the GOP and Trump only one choice: Resign.

Robert Moreland