Letters to the Editor

Bevin’s narrow box

Of the 70 programs that Gov. Matt Bevin wants to cut, 13 would directly and negatively affect people with disabilities and 33 would directly and negatively affect our children’s education. This man’s cruel and shortsighted plans are obscene and punitive.

People with disabilities, people dealing with the horrors of cancer, our elderly and our children deserve better than to be thrown to the wolves because Bevin can’t bear to raise a corporate tax or think outside of the narrow box he chooses to live in.

I strongly suggest that if this is the only way for this governor to balance the books that those legislators hoping to stay in their political positions assist him in finding meaningful alternatives, such as raising taxes on tobacco and alcohol instead of cutting cancer programs, and raising taxes on companies that don’t pay Kentucky workers living wages instead of cutting education programs. Just because he can’t see another way does not mean there isn’t another way.

His strategy proves he is not up to the challenge creatively or ethically. True representatives of the people of Kentucky will vote against this plan and find a better way.

Rene Thompson