Letters to the Editor

Pulling president down

It seems our print and TV media along with many elected members are working hard to get a regime change. They focus on collusion with Russia; preventing Muslim immigration from some Middle Eastern countries; dementia and Alzheimer’s; intellect of a child; communicating by tweeting; “Fire and Fury;” DACA; and non-politically-correct language. TV channels are running nonstop tirades against the president, including by elected officials.

Media and elected members refuse to see good things our president has been doing, such as nominating a Supreme Court justice liked by conservatives (thanks to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who held the post open); getting various countries like Japan, Korea and NATO members to pay for defense we provide and American boots on the ground; warning Pakistan against helping the terrorists; taking care of ISIS in Syria; getting the tax reform passed; improving the economy with the Dow Jones Index going up and up; and so on.

Our so-called free press keeps on harping on how it is an important guardian of democracy. It seems the press has its own agenda to pull the president down.

Let us all pull together and help the president make America greater.

Neal Walker