Letters to the Editor

Ashamed of the president’s uncivil manner

I am trying to be positive with the New Year. I am listening and weighing every piece of information I hear. One cannot remain angry or negative all the time and get things done. However, President Donald Trump is not making this easy.

I have contacted my representatives to urge them to use their influence to convince Trump to think before he rips people apart and before he throws negative light on the institutions we have trusted for years. It magnifies his lack of respect for our country and people in general.

I have been ashamed and embarrassed by this POTUS from the day he began opening his mouth about becoming president. Are his intelligence and character so compromised that he cannot function in a civil manner? Can no one do anything to influence him to act like a rational human being?

No doubt I will never agree or accept anything he forces down our throats. But this is ridiculous. The sooner he disappears from the Washington scene and the ability to influence the lives of the 70 percent of Americans who cannot tolerate him, the better off we will all be.

Diane H. Blocher