Letters to the Editor

Jessamine getting wiser in development planning

Aerial view of the Brannon Road area in Jessamine County
Aerial view of the Brannon Road area in Jessamine County File photo

Things are changing in Jessamine County for the better.

I grew up in Lexington, and most there considered Jessamine to be a poor cousin. There were many issues, including zero interest in planning and zoning.

Decisions were made more on to whom you were related or connected than on what was best for the entire community. But several years ago, some leaders decided to have a say in the future growth, as the pressure for housing spilling in from Fayette County was becoming intense.

After many bad decisions on zone changes, the county developed a comprehensive plan to make sure that the farms were not negatively impacted and to preserve the scenic and historic resources in the county, like Harrodsburg Road, the Kentucky River Palisades and many historic homes and buildings.

I purchased one of those historic homes and restored it, actually finished building it as the original owner fell on hard times during the Civil War.

Last month, when faced with another high-density development proposed for an adjacent farm, I was gratified to see the planning commission overwhelmingly turn down the zone change, as it violated many provisions in the comprehensive plan.

George Kopser

Jessamine County