Letters to the Editor

Retire ugly horse statue from China

File photo

The statues that were removed from taxpayer property in Lexington were not inviting to some people, according to a few government people.

Another statue in downtown Lexington is not inviting to some people either. The statue is of the ugly horse across Main Street from the government center.

It comes from China. A Lexington mayor and some council members went to China on taxpayer dollars. The only thing they had to show for it was the statue.

China was not a friend of the United States; China joined with North Korea during the Korean War. China forces killed, captured, tortured and wounded U.S. soldiers. U.S. soldiers came home missing some body parts, blind or shell-shocked. Some never recovered; some are still MIA. Some never got home, dead or alive.

After the horse statue arrived, then-Mayor Pam Miller rolled out a podium to announce that a relationship with China had been cemented. I think the veterans may not appreciate what the mayor said.

It is time for Mayor Jim Gray to do to that statue what he did to the two Confederate guys and a transgender horse.

Stan Houston