Letters to the Editor

Deconstructing America

The government shutdown had Republicans blaming recipients under Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals once again.

Republicans claiming to be true representatives of children and families while using the backs of another set of people as stepping stones is disgusting.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump and Rep. Andy Barr don’t care about poor people. If they did, they would have made Children’s Health Insurance Program funding a priority when it expired.

Instead, they chose to use the health care of vulnerable people as a bargaining tool to stack against other vulnerable people.

All they care about is the maintenance of wealth while they continue to deconstruct the nation they say the pledge to every night when praying to Ronald Reagan.

To the people who promote or have given into this narrative of the “undeserving illegal,” I would ask: Have you ever had to argue that a person you love deserves a position in society next to you? I would wager the emotions are similar to those felt when arguing with an insurance company over a treatment that isn’t covered. Or asking the electric company not to shut off the power during winter.

Poor peoples’ concerns are not these representatives’ concerns.

Josh Gibson