Letters to the Editor

Letters: UK men’s basketball

Weary of one-and-done

I am getting tired of the one-and-done stem in college basketball. The common sense that college baseball uses would work for college basketball. Let athletically gifted players sign professional contracts straight out of high school. Others would be required to stay in college for three years.

I do agree with most of the points made by Mark Story in his Feb. 9 column. Coach John Calipari and the players do care about winning, and the one-and-done players are heartbroken when they lose during March Madness — although their hearts are healed by the sound of the cash register shortly thereafter.

Coach Cal’s allegiance to his players and his desire to get them to a better life situation is admirable, but I don’t think it gels with us old geezers’ desire to see more national championship banners in Rupp Arena. UK won the national championship in 2012 with a team that featured three freshmen, two sophomores and one senior in their top six players. Two of the freshmen went No. 1 and No. 2 in that year’s NBA draft. Since then, only Duke’s 2015 championship team relied heavily on freshmen.

I consider myself a member of the One and Done Weary Club.

Sam Penn


Cal in wrong job

Coach John Calipari basically does not accept any responsibility for the failure of this team.

First of all, his coaching is totally outdated for the kids coming out of high school nowadays.

He is a Hall of Fame coach, but I feel this is because of his overall body of work, not for here at Kentucky. His sideline antics are close to verbal abuse. He coaches them like he thinks they have no intellect at all.

A minute into the game, he has substitutes at the table ready to come in and has them looking over their shoulders the entire game. He does not have players on the bench that are any better than the ones he’s taken out. The assistant coaches are just as bad and no help.

Yes, he has a championship, but with the great players he’s had over the years, he should have more.

We could see the writing on the wall the first of the year, when we played so-called “cupcakes” and we barely won those due to poor, outdated coaching. Calipari is at the pinnacle of college basketball here at UK. There is nowhere to go but down.

He would make a great athletic director somewhere because he has a great “gift of gab.”

Ronald V. Henry


Looking for more teamwork

I have watched University of Kentucky basketball for the past six decades. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly over those years. I know that UK teams lose games, but it’s how this year’s team loses games. I never saw a team that didn’t have any fight, hustle or teamwork.

Even the bad teams had players who gave their best efforts and left their individual worth in the locker room. If this group doesn’t start playing like a team, it may not even make the NCAA tournament. I know they are freshmen, but they have had a half-season to mature. I think it’s time to stop worrying about “one and dones” and start worrying about just plain “dones.”

Joseph Hinds


Appreciate Cal

UK men’s basketball head coach John Calipari’s influence on our basketball program, its players and families, Lexington and our state has been, and continues to be, positive and powerful. Yes, at Kentucky we measure success by national championships; however, his impact on so many stretches far beyond Kentucky, even globally. I feel blessed to have him as our coach and as a role model.

Not supporting your team when they are down and need the support is cowardly. Let’s clap when they are struggling and not just when it’s easy. Co Cats.

Bill Moloney


Let me down easy

Although I don’t anticipate my demise anytime soon, I do believe in prior planning, so I am thinking of emailing Coach Cal to see if I can borrow six of his players to be pallbearers. That way, I can be let down one more time.

Craig Stavnes