Letters to the Editor

Anti-solar bill should be burned alive

Affordable health care, jobs and a clean, unpolluted place to live are concerns for all Kentuckians. This year, Kentucky legislators are faced with a choice that will affect all Kentucky citizens: the passage of House Bill 227, which, if approved, will not reduce health care costs, will not support job growth and will not reduce pollution.

House Bill 227 will severely cut reimbursement for distributed solar electric generation and restrict the amount of power generated and generation capacity. It will not allow transfer of systems to new owners or for much-needed community or shared solar systems. HB 227 will stifle the growth of residential and small commercial solar industry in Kentucky.

Solar energy is clean, renewable, sustainable and affordable. The solar industry supports over 1,200 jobs in Kentucky and is growing by double digits annually. Solar-generated electricity avoids the billions of dollars in health care and environmental costs due to pollution associated with burning fossil fuels. All of these benefits will be lost if HB 227 is approved.

Our legislators should not support HB 227, as it significantly undervalues the benefits of solar generated electricity.

Ronald Whitmore