Letters to the Editor

No help needed for McGrath

Congratulations to Amy McGrath, the Democratic nominee for 6th District congressional seat. A newcomer, she came across as a sincere breath of fresh air in our polluted environment of politics today.

Neither the leaders of the national nor Kentucky Democratic parties wanted to connect with her. She easily beat Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who had local and national party help, including the endorsement of the Herald-Leader.

What does that tell you? For sure she had lots of gender support, but I believe her support was much wider because of who she is. She appears confident, fearless and determined, traits which were surely instrumental in the success of her 23-year military service career.

Many voters like independent minds. Hopefully, she can stay that way and start a new day in Washington; one based on being true to your beliefs and not on how the establishment tells you to vote.

Charles Adams