Letters to the Editor

Military service dissed

I was born during WWII. I served during the Vietnam War. Some of my fellow veterans after the war were spit on when they returned home. They were called “baby killers” and worse.

I was around during the turmoil of the Vietnam war while at the University of Kentucky. It seems that non-veteran politicians are the last to learn or comprehend what Ken Burns finally learned while making the “Vietnam War” documentary.

When asked by a reporter from PBS what he had learned, Burns replied, “Many things, but most of all we learned that we’ll never blame the warriors any more.”

A more recent case is the 6th District Congressional race, where non-veteran politicians attempted to disparage candidate Amy McGrath. They tried to infer that the time she spent serving our country as a Marine made her a “carpetbagger” who voters should not want.

In one breath, they attempt to show respect for her military service, but in the second breath they called her carpetbagger.

Translation: Thanks for your service, but no thanks.

I especially do not trust politicians with forked tongues, do you?

Charles Young