Letters to the Editor

Trump pushing bad health plans

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The Trump administration has instituted another change to the Affordable Care Act.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta explained that the new ruling will permit small businesses to band together so they can have access to more affordable health insurance options, like those available to larger business entities.

However, these new plans do not have to meet the essential coverages currently mandated by the ACA. These coverages include: mental health care, maternity and newborn (first 30 days of life) care, emergency room services and prescription drug coverage. They may also charge a higher premium for preexisting conditions.

Allowing the formation of such groups for improved insurance purchasing power makes sense and is a viable solution for increasing health insurance options. However, if small businesses are able to come together as a larger insurance purchasing pool and have access to those insurance plans, then they should provide the same, comprehensive insurance coverage as large businesses.

Anything less than that is discriminatory, not a credible option and a disservice to their employees and everyone who is included within their designated insurance group.

Claire A. Schuster