Letters to the Editor

Trump’s behavior is juvenile

During President Donald Trump’s education, he must have missed lessons on diplomacy and decorum.

He embarrassed himself and our country with his inappropriate behavior at the G-7 summit in Montreal. This strained and possibly caused irreparable damage to years of diplomacy and strong alliances.

He acted like a sulky teenager. He arrived late and left early, removed his translator earpiece during the French president’s speech, and threw candy at the chancellor of Germany. If that wasn’t enough, he tweeted insults toward the prime minister of Canada.

His erratic behavior now includes ingratiating himself to the leader of North Korea and the president of Russia, both dictators. The United States needs a stable, serious leader who cares more for the country than his own agenda and ego. We are in danger of losing the trust of our allies as well as our profile as leader of the free world.

Cheryl Keenan