Letters to the Editor

Barr silent on key issues

Andy Barr has been very proud lately talking about his work promoting the interests of bankers and other wealthy supporters. But we haven’t heard a word from him about the foreign-policy giveaways to the dictatorial government of North Korea.

Not a word about the Russian interference in our elections, or the praise our president has for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Nor about the millions of dollars the president and his family are making as a result of their official positions.

Not a word about the insults his party’s leader makes against our closest allies. Nor about the president’s fondness for dictators around the world, or about health services to everyone in Kentucky.

Most of us learned morals and values in support of kindness, honesty and fairness in our churches, synagogues and mosques but it seems that Barr missed those lessons. I have no doubt that Barr’s working hard in Congress. But who is he working for? Clearly, it isn’t people of Central Kentucky and our values. It’s time for us to have a U.S. representative who puts people before profits and dictators.

Mark Swanson