Letters to the Editor

New Kentucky taxes are oppressive

An oppressive new sales tax on personal businesses and several tax increases means everyone in the commonwealth will feel the hit starting July 1.

Led by super-majorities of Republicans in both the House and Senate, the new taxes were unexpected and definitely not appreciated by all of us who worked so hard to flip the House to Republicans.

Even liberal commentators are baffled at how quickly Republican legislators betrayed their base. We elected them on the platform of lower taxes and less government. For our efforts we have received half a billion dollars in new taxation.

We are now obligated to pay a 6 percent tax on 17 services. We are forced to fund 70 profligate spending programs, as the legislature overrode Gov. Matt Bevin’s veto of these wasteful projects. I am disillusioned and disgusted and will never support the Republicans again.

Joe Dehner