Letters to the Editor

Spiritual violence by our leaders

The USA — especially the president and adviser Stephen Miller — have stooped to a cruel new low. I am speaking about the tearing of children from undocumented parents, whose only goal was to make a successful – perhaps prosperous – life for their children, a life unavailable in the countries of their birth, and now in the country of their choice.

They say a clear conscience is the softest pillow. My conscience is clear, yet my sleep is troubled, although probably not as horror-filled as that of parents of children who have been seized in actions based in racism, hatred and ignorance. And, of course, not as terror-filled as the sleep of the children. If they can even sleep.

My job as a social worker included helping families stay together in difficult circumstances, included poverty, incarceration and fatal losses. And the government I once loved and supported has turned ugly.

These actions harm not only those seized but those of us who are American-born, patriotic and generous. And we vote our conscience, a conscience that does not condone the emotionally, physically and spiritually violent actions of our leaders.

Dodie Murphy