Letters to the Editor

McConnell ignores Kentucky

Thanks to reporter Lesley Clark for so ably documenting how little Sen. Mitch McConnell has done for Kentucky. Abandonment of Kentuckians and the rest of the nation comes first to my mind as McConnell’s legacy while in his position of power in the U.S. Senate.

He has enabled and assisted his GOP comrades in sabotaging and weakening health care for the middle income and working poor among us by trashing the ACA. The disturbing irony is that the early implementation of the ACA by a Democratic governor was a raging success in his own state of Kentucky. It is now under grave threat by the current Kentucky Republican governor.

He refuses to check Trump’s disastrous 1930s-style trade war that threatens our currently strong economy. The Senate has the power to stop this now.

It’s clear that McConnell is only intent on governing for Republicans and his wealthy campaign donors and not for all of the American people. In a recent poll by Morning Consult McConnell garnered a rating of 34 percent approval and 52 percent disapproval — lowest of all 100 senators.

Kenneth Cooley