Letters to the Editor

Kentucky might invade Canada

Donald Trump the slumlord was able to get away with raising the rent because tenants had no power to negotiate. If they tried, Trump could find unscrupulous lawyers to win the case. Now he thinks he can raise the rent on other countries through tariffs. He is so self-centered he doesn’t understand that those countries can do the same. They can target tariffs at Republican politicians, like Sen. Mitch McConnell, and at the bourbon industry.

Trump justifies his tariffs as security, because he knows so little history he thinks Canada once burned down the White House. I am sure he doesn’t know anything about the War of 1812 and that British troops did the burning.

During the War of 1812 Canada never attacked the U.S., but the Kentucky militia attacked Canada. Since Kentucky is still here, a few hundred miles from the Canadian border, and Kentucky is full of gun-toting Second Amendment militia Trump supporters, it is Canada that has a security threat from Kentucky. The biggest security threat for the U.S. is Trump himself.

Kevin Kline