Letters to the Editor

Maybe Bevin’s last stand?

Through his hateful actions to deny low-income Kentucky citizens basic vision and dental treatment, our less-than-magnanimous governor has proclaimed that Kentucky needs more blind and toothless poor people.

He has obviously come to realize he couldn’t be re-elected dogcatcher in this state. But his time to jump aboard the Trump train is running out and he knows it. And as he gets desperate for a call from our liar-in-chief, Gov. Matt Bevin may need to go nuclear.

With only one person in the world to impress, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees called in to shut our state borders and begin separating Ohio and Tennessee children from their parents.

After all, that just might get him the call he’s been screaming for. And if that doesn’t work, he can just go back to his Connecticut roots and leave us alone.

Mark Waggoner