Letters to the Editor

Can library-theft dopes show remorse?

We are offended by the June article about the Transylvania book theft and the violence against the librarian. It proves what we already know about American society: The rich are treated differently than the poor; white boys are treated differently from black.

Is there any place in America where four black youths could say, “We weren’t criminals, we were dopes”? We surely doubt it.

In a sad way, these four criminals are correct. Being a “dope,” especially for a wealthy white college student, is necessary to becoming a criminal.

The movie and the publicity around it glamorize violent criminals. To be sure, we don’t wish to drum these criminals out of the human race. They are and always have been children of God.

What we wish for them is that they show some remorse, reflect on their actions and realize that by their own definition they are still “dopes.”

William R. House

Pauline M. House