Letters to the Editor

McConnell’s cruel flip-flop

Once Sen. Mitch McConnell cared about the well-being of children. Remember his original campaign when the nation agonized over the disappearance and murder of Adam Walsh? He got our votes because he promised to protect children and, in turn, their parents.

But now, McConnell has allowed the psychological torture of thousands of children by separating them from their families. Is money so important to McConnell that he would allow the cruel practice of caging children? McConnell, Rep. Andy Barr and Sen. Rand Paul had enormous power to stop this travesty before it began, but chose to be silently complicit. They know it is not illegal for people to come into the country seeking asylum.

Voters, we are accountable for putting people in office who will stop President Donald Trump’s evil practices. The nightmare visited upon these children will shape their attitudes toward Americans. That may come back to haunt us.

Nell Valentine