Letters to the Editor

Delay vote on Trojan school tax

The request by Fayette County schools for a 5-cent tax increase is unwarranted.

Details will be provided just before the Wednesday vote; the public deserve to have time to review this request with details. I am asking the school board to delay voting for 60 days. We need information on the costs and timing.

When the infrastructure is complete does the tax go down? How long do we pay this extra tax?

We have already been told there is extra money in the budget. When teachers were allowed time off to attend Frankfort rallies about pensions, Superintendent Manny Caulk said they would not have to use vacation or paid time off, that there was enough money in the budget to absorb it. So why not use that extra money to help pay for security?

Caulk said, “We are not that kind of community" when others were requesting metal detectors earlier. What changed? He sees an opportunity to get more dollars into the system — forever. Caulk knows he can't get another 4 percent increase due to law. This is his way of finding money.

Terry Blankenship