Letters to the Editor

Free to terrorize animals? God bless America!

Kentucky needs to enact restrictions and big fines for shooting off huge fireworks next to horse or livestock farms.

Wendy Winstead, owner of Team Aloha stables in Bagdad, was interviewed on television in 2017 about the reckless behavior of her neighbors who terrorized her horses with loud fireworks. Her horses ran through fences and injured themselves, some seriously.

Unfortunately, this year was even worse. Her neighbors shot off fireworks on July 7 until 11:30 p.m. She called the sheriff, but as soon as he left, the fireworks resumed. Again, her mares and foals ran through fences and injured themselves.

Kentucky needs a law to prevent irresponsible, cruel and dangerous behavior by people who live next door to livestock farms. Other states have laws and big fines for this type of behavior, but not Kentucky.

Elizabeth Wallen