Letters to the Editor

Vote nyet on Vladmir

We voters have to protect ourselves against continuing Russian and Republican interference in the November elections.

If you’re not registered, register and vote. If you think you’re registered, check to determine if you still are. Demand early on that voting precincts have paper records. County clerk offices can be called and usually have websites; also go to www. govoteky.com. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 9.

President Donald Trump refuses to direct the federal government to protect us against the continuing Russian social-media warfare on our electoral process. Republicans continue their usual gerrymandering/redistricting and voter intimidation/suppression/ purging to win elections.

Kentuckians, be grateful that we have a Democratic secretary of state and attorney general to protect us. But they can’t do everything – it’s up to us as citizens to be sure our votes count.

Ramona Rush