Letters to the Editor

Wake up, you’re being used by the rich

For those who want to preserve the Confederate monuments because of their historical significance, I recommend that we place this marker at each site: Walk Your Talk – Vote.

By 1850, most of the wealth in the south was based on agricultural products and owned by 5 percent of the elite. Slave labor was the backbone of these profits.

With the movement to abolish slavery, the elites concluded that the only way to save their power was to secede from the United States. They persuaded people to rally behind them by saying slavery was an issue of “states’ rights.” More than 620,000 people were killed in the Civil War these elites started.

Every person who has ever been subjugated should find the acts of these individuals offensive. We must never let people manipulate us to causes designed to protect their wealth and power.

James C. Leadingham