Letters to the Editor

Andy Barr: Mister Misdirection

Recently, Congressman Andy Barr touted his accomplishments in cutting taxes (primarily for the highest-income earners) because payroll taxes that affect his constituents the most apparently aren’t “hard-earned money”.

He made another comment on prioritizing border security to help curb the opioid epidemic. U.S. drug manufacturers and distributors are largely responsible for creating this country’s opioid epidemic. Barr helped them by taking away the Drug Enforcement Administration’s right to enforce its regulations. So, Barr is now blaming loose Mexican border security for the problem, even though Mexico and South America have never been major sources of opioids.

A master of misdirection, we’ve come to expect such nonsense from Barr who also blamed Wells Fargo cheating its customers, and his constituents, on the Dodd-Frank legislation, because, in Barr’s words, that legislation “gave Wells Fargo a license to misbehave.”

You can’t fix stupid, but we certainly can vote it from office.

Peter Wedlund