Letters to the Editor

Make room for scooters

The writer on one of her scooters
The writer on one of her scooters

To follow up on the July 12 article, “Cities grappling with how to deal with electric scooters,” I’d like to share why I adore kick scooters.

I am a 61-year-old, not athletic, woman. My two kick scooters, one human powered and one electric, are among my most prized possessions. I use the kick-powered one for short trips and the electric for longer trips. What I love about kick scooters:

Make me feel happy and healthy.

I can avoid using the car.

Easy to park, transport in a vehicle.

Unlike with a bicycle, I can slow to a crawl without losing balance.

It’s easier on my back, behind and knees.

Potential benefits to the public:

Decongests roads.

Decreases need for parking spaces.

Emits almost no greenhouse gas.

We’re entering an exciting new age of transportation alternatives. Let’s consider them in our city planning. Kick scooters, and other slower, smaller modes of transportation should not be forced to share space with cars and trucks, except on quiet side streets.

Here are some practical common-sense rules for kick scooters: On sidewalks, when nearing pedestrians, slow down and give pedestrians the right-of-way. Walk your scooter in the downtown center and crowded areas. Bike lanes and bike paths are yours to share.

Christine Missik