Letters to the Editor

No care from managed-care organizations

Stethoscope over the dollar bills.
Stethoscope over the dollar bills. Getty Images/iStockphoto

I write in support of a July 11 opinion piece by Dr. Larry Suess, “Managed Care Firms Strangle Ky. Medicaid.”

Managed-care organizations do not deliver care, or anything else. They are nothing but administrative shells and all they do is make decisions about coverage. The Kentucky agency set up to oversee them is nothing but a discussion about coverage. Other services supposedly offered by these companies are paper fakes – their documents are reprinted, publicly available information.

In my case, a medical diagnosis forced me to ask practitioners to treat symptoms in a way that wasn’t on top of the protocol list. Under the current system of care, such decisions cannot be made at all. Medicaid doctors believe themselves forced to offer only generic care for fear of being sued.

All contact with the MCOs and the state agency are excruciating merry-go-round trips that end at the same place — nowhere.

Jeff Lewis