Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Trump-Putin

Trump loyal only to Trump

It was not “fake news.” The world watched President Donald J. Trump shoot intercontinental missiles into the hearts of Americans to the smiling approval of Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Trump ,with Putin at his side for courage, used a global stage to criticize the country he swore on a Bible in January 2017 to “protect and defend.” Americans need to understand Trump’s loyalty oath is only to himself. And Putin.

Trump knows Putin and the Russians hacked into our elections with mutual intent of purpose: To divide with lies destroying our faith in our government, our laws and the free press. It was a cyberattack, an act of war, and the Department of Defense knows it.

But Trump and the Republicans tell us the immigration problem is destroying us and forcing Homeland Security to take children from their parents will make us all safer.

Neither Trump nor Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Congress seem concerned about cyberattacks in the November elections. In fact Trump has invited Putin to the White House right before elections to show Putin the “Donald and the GOP Dancing Bears” act.

God bless America.

Judy Rembacki


Putin University

A call for the translator to testify in order to discover what President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed? Nonsense. There is no need. We know what they discussed and it was tweeted to us in capital letters a few days ago.

Trump received two hours of instructions from the master. Start a shooting war, invoke “national security” in order to implement all manner of executive orders and and for those who don’t support the tail wagging the dog, just call them unpatriotic. Trump may have started his very own university, but he’s been schooled at the Crimea Academy.

Ross DeAeth


Congress mute, impotent

President Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a disgrace. His performance at the press conference in Helsinki is tantamount to treason.

He has denigrated our closest allies like Germany, England, France and Canada, and embraced tyrants and despots in North Korea, the Philipines and Russia.

I am a lifelong Republican who has renounced the party, which has become a party of bullies and cowards. If a Democratic president had conducted himself as Trump has,with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, that president would surely have been impeached.

But, since this Congress is more concerned with maintaining power than preserving our constitutional system, it has remained mute and become impotent. Only a handful have attempted to hold Trump accountable, and Sen. Mitch McConnell is not one of them.

As for those who believe Trump is good for this country, you haven’t been paying attention. The peace and prosperity one letter writer alluded to was in effect and growing, thanks to the previous administration, and has continued into this one. There seems little doubt that we are headed for a constitutional crisis primarily because Trump has no respect for the Constitution and will do and say anything to promote or save himself.

Stephen C. Zech


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