Letters to the Editor

Needed: Better T-ball sportsmanship

In June, my grandson’s T-ball team was scheduled to play a tournament in Harrodsburg. When it was found out that his team had entered the tournament, at least four of the other teams pulled out, canceling that tournament. Those teams moved to a tournament in Nicholasville upon the promise that my grandson’s team would not be allowed to play.

In another incident in Lexington, seven of the nine teams who had signed up threatened to pull out if my grandson’s team was allowed to play. This is a bad example to set for our youth — that you shouldn’t play if you don’t think you will win. This is certainly not fair to my grandson’s team.

In fairness to Western Little League at Cardinal Run Park, they did set up a best two out of three between us and the other team that didn’t threaten to drop out.

Dan Parke