Letters to the Editor

Barr’s radical agenda clear

As the elections approach, the Republican attacks on Democrats have begun with the usual rhetoric accusing anyone who disagrees with them or their candidate of some radical left-wing agenda.

It’s time to review the real radical agenda as exemplified by Republican voting records. Take Congressman Andy Barr. Barr has voted against consumer protection, disaster relief, funding education, protecting the environment, financial-sector regulation, labor rights, increased wages for working people, affordable health care, poverty assistance and the safety net, racial equality, women’s rights and taxing the wealthy. He has voted for taxing the middle class, domestic surveillance, bloated military spending and privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

Most of Barr’s votes favor the wealthy and restricting our constitutional civil rights. Voting is an action and it speaks louder than Republican words. Barr has supported nothing that would help the working people of Kentucky.

Thomas Martin