Letters to the Editor

Lawsuit against pharmacy may hurt vets

Attorney General Andy Beshear is ramping up his 2019 gubernatorial campaign by “finding workable solutions to this drug epidemic.” He is using the power of his office to sue Walgreens for legally providing opioid prescriptions. The results of this lawsuit are that it will make it more difficult, if not impossible, for disabled veterans to obtain needed pain medication.

Beshear “strongly favors” government needle exchanges. If you are a legal American company Beshear will sue you, but if you are a heroin dealer he wants to subsidize you.

Rather than lodge a lawsuit that will have disastrous consequences for veterans, may I suggest that Beshear do the hard work of going after dishonest physicians on a case-by-case basis? We don’t want to unintentionally drive the epidemic rate of veteran suicides even higher by withholding needed pain medication, nor do we want to drive them into the arms of heroin dealers.

Lloyd Rogers

Former director of Veteran Affairs for Congressman Thomas Massie