Letters to the Editor

Barr has the needed experience

Who is better suited to address the concerns of voters in the 6th District: Amy McGrath or Congressman Andy Barr?

I served as the moderator for Nicholas County’s candidate forum. McGrath’s Democrat opponents stated that she is largely uninformed about the key concerns in her district’s counties, and that her military service was her fallback response for every question even though it often did not apply.

In contrast, I was in the room when officers from local banks told Barr how regulations designed for large corporate banks were crippling them. Barr sponsored legislation that eased those burdens.

Barr listened to concerns about targeting graduate student stipends in a Republican tax reform bill, and helped to ensure the provision was dropped.

McGrath may come to learn the issues facing 6th District. Maybe she would have fought just as hard for common-sense reform. However, Barr already has.

Stephen Scalf