Letters to the Editor

McGrath put country first

Kentucky needs Amy McGrath in Congress. She has served with courage in war.

She is a mother and wife and she has the leadership experience to be a valuable member of the U.S. House. McGrath will put our nation and its people first and won’t tolerate coziness with our enemies, like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We need more women in Congress because they care about children, education, health care and senior citizens.

I am a Marine Corps veteran and respect so much McGrath’s great service in war and in peace to our nation. We don’t need greedy and selfish people running our nation and looking out for their own interests.

We need someone like McGrath who is committed to improving the quality of life for all our people.

The Marine Corps motto is “Semper Fidelis,” which means “Always Faithful.” That’s McGrath.

Bob Terrell