Letters to the Editor

McConnell’s ‘truth’ shifts

The definition ofveritas” is truth. I wonder if the truth is the truth or different degrees of truth depending on your perception.

I wrote a letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell voicing my concerns about President Donald Trump. He responded with a form letter that had one interesting sentence: “I assure you that I will continue to fight for the common ground that is necessary to keep gridlock in Washington where it belongs: in the past.”

In a 2017 article, The Washington Post quoted McConnell as saying “I am the proud guardian of gridlock.” This quote was during the Clinton administration, which was indeed in the past. McConnell also caused gridlock during the Obama presidency.

The part of the letter I perceive to be true is that he will continue to fight, not for the people of Kentucky or the United States, but to maintain his position of power.

Cheryl Keenan