Letters to the Editor

Barr’s Medicaid stance is sensible

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr does not want to abolish benefits for Kentucky Medicaid recipients. He asks that recipients who are capable and not working do volunteer work or attend school or vocational training to receive vision and dental benefits.

His Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, with great respect to her service time, receives veterans’ benefits only because she served her country. McGrath wouldn’t qualify for these benefits had she not served in the military. What is the difference between what Barr is asking than what was asked of McGrath to receive her benefits?

Should McGrath face the possibility of “losing” benefits because of cost, Barr would be the first person to fight for her veterans’ benefits. Barr represents all the people of the 6th District. It seems only fair that just as McGrath worked for her benefits, so those in Kentucky who are able to work should do so too.

Barbara Ellerbrook